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Why Graphic Design?

Use powerful visuals to convey your message to your target audience. 

At Sterling Rock we understand how important visuals are to creating a lasting impression. From print material to electronic material, we use our expertise in visual communication to deliver creative and effective graphics designs.

Get Noticed

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Stand out in the crowd and get noticed. Make your design work more than ordinary.


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Communicate products and service in a way that is appealing to your customers, positive and effective.

Stand Out

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Clearly differentiate  your Value Proposition from your competitors


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Encourage people interested in what you do to take the next step.

Example Graphic Design.

Business Cards

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Tell people much more than just your name and address with Custom made business cards tailored to your business.


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Help your company grow with targeted and unique presentations that visually captivate audiences.


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Logos express identity, company values, whilst memorable and unique. Your brand recognition is synonymous with your logo.


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Help customers learn more about your business with entrancing print and electronic brochures that represent your value proposition.


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Packaging represents your brand, designs need to both encapsulate and entice customers.

Point of Sale

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Sales is a key and continuous part of every business so make sure you have the best tools and assets.


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Touch points are the points in which customers come in contact with your brand. All branding/experiences need to be consistent and effective.


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Effectively convey your offerings in a stylish and modern fashion.


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Posters to represent your brand or send a message to potential clients and or employees.

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Why Sterling Rock?


Sterling Rock Results
Everything we do is targeted at the results you want.


Sterling Rock Creative
Designs that meet your objectives and integrate perfectly with your image.


Sterling Rock Competent
Smooth, functional easy to maintain implementations.


Sterling Rock Value
Straight forward pricing, high quality work, superb value.

About Us

Management Consultancy & Visual Communications
Our firm specialises in graphics design and Web development with a passion and drive for outstanding quality at affordable prices whilst still retaining corporate professionalism and customer care.

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