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Why Professional Video?

Convey a concise and effective message, that engages your audience in a compelling, entertaining and immersive style. 

Not all videos are the same, made poorly there is a risk that they will have the opposite effect and actually put people off.  Professional videos look better and are more effective.

At Sterling Rock we understand Visual Communication allowing us to guide you through the video making process - from original ideas, through managing production and providing the the final results, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Example Productions.

Company Promotion

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Promote short and informative videos that will help create interest, spread awareness and educate.

Product Promotion

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Display the value proposition of your product in action and help leverage your brand.

Staff Training

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Effectively present a custom video encouraging uniformity and company ideology.

Corporate Events

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Present fantastic images of your company to use in promotional and marketing material.

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Why Sterling Rock?


Sterling Rock Results
Everything we do is targeted at the results you want.


Sterling Rock Creative
Designs that meet your objectives and integrate perfectly with your image.


Sterling Rock Competent
Smooth, functional easy to maintain implementations.


Sterling Rock Value
Straight forward pricing, high quality work, superb value.

About Us

Management Consultancy & Visual Communications
Our firm specialises in graphics design and Web development with a passion and drive for outstanding quality at affordable prices whilst still retaining corporate professionalism and customer care.

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